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Justin Katz

Justin Katz started Dust in the Light in 2002 as a place to publish his social and political commentary, and it quickly brought him to the attention of national opinion writers and publishers. His increasing focus on Rhode Island left less mental energy to keep up content on the deeper questions of life, which is an omission he's striving to repair.

The Circular Fiat of a Closed Fist

By Justin Katz / September 28, 2020

Once we accepted that an intellectual time machine could go back in history and change words and, thereby, rules, we opened the way for ideologues to mass produce such vehicles.

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Seeing the Meta from Mt. Science

By Justin Katz / September 20, 2020

The fact that religious people are better able to see patterns may not be evidence of God, but the insistence of secularists that a pattern cannot be seen is not science.

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The Path on Which All the Difference Has Been Made

By Justin Katz / June 30, 2020

We can have faith that Jesus Christ defeated sin, but what does that mean to creatures who want to know that their decisions matter, and how do we know we’re on the right path?

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Answering the Need at the Heart of the Turmoil

By Justin Katz / June 24, 2020

RI Governor Raimondo’s failure to wear a mask at a protest was a red flag that we’re in a fundamentally religious war over meaning.

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Still from Antonio French Tweet about Charlotte, NC, protest, May 31

Finding Another Way

By Justin Katz / June 1, 2020

Perhaps, watching videos of police abuse and responding to the ensuing riots, we can figure out a way to discuss the better way that we all feel to exist.

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Caravaggio, The Supper at Emmaus, 1606

Choices and Articles of Faith

By Justin Katz / May 18, 2020

COVID-19 forces us to make decisions and to display what we believe, and the Church must be aware that people will take lessons from its actions.

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Something to Overcome

By Justin Katz / May 10, 2020

The tone of inspirational movies results from something lacking that is important in life and art… and modern evangelism.

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Vincenzo Demetz's Betrothal of Mary and Joseph at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

A Relationship with Reality

By Justin Katz / May 3, 2020

Ultimately, we find meaning through communication with God, which can come down to just the decision to communicate.

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Infinite Roads Diverging in a Yellow Wood

By Justin Katz / April 26, 2020

The stark contrasts of the pandemic are revealing our capacity to live in different universes, which would be discouraging in a universe that did not include the possibility of redemption.

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Coronavirus Earth

By Justin Katz / April 17, 2020

Living through the Year of the Virus has been clarifying many ideas with experience that were previously abstract.

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