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Month: June 2020

The Path on Which All the Difference Has Been Made

By Justin Katz / June 30, 2020

We can have faith that Jesus Christ defeated sin, but what does that mean to creatures who want to know that their decisions matter, and how do we know we’re on the right path?

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Answering the Need at the Heart of the Turmoil

By Justin Katz / June 24, 2020

RI Governor Raimondo’s failure to wear a mask at a protest was a red flag that we’re in a fundamentally religious war over meaning.

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Still from Antonio French Tweet about Charlotte, NC, protest, May 31

Finding Another Way

By Justin Katz / June 1, 2020

Perhaps, watching videos of police abuse and responding to the ensuing riots, we can figure out a way to discuss the better way that we all feel to exist.

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