May 16, 2007


I'd just been thinking that the long series of unwelcome news that my life has thrown at me over the past nine months or so was beginning to abate, leaving only the long slog to easier times. Nope. Out of corporate necessity, the 20+ hour per week editing position that paid more than a third of my income and provided spectacular health coverage has "been eliminated" amid rumors of outsourcing, and I, being the person filling it, have been laid off.

So I find myself in one of those situations that, especially for those whose larger goals are non-corporate, can bring either catastrophe or opportunity, and I'm not entirely sure how to increase the likelihood of the latter — how much risk to take, how much time to invest. Last time I faced these questions, I had one fewer child and a dog to walk me through the process of sorting things through. I found carpentry but lost ground as a writer. Music disappeared altogether.

But this time, things aren't as desperate as the last, so maybe I've got room to operate, rather than just to react.

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May 2, 2007

This Is a Test

This is a tree:


Phone-based multimedia blogging is now a reality. (Yeah, I know that's nothing new in general, but it is for me.)

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